About US

Motohashi Laboratory covers broad topics on innovation research from macro view on Japan's competitiveness to micro analysi of firm's technology managemenet issues. We pick up policy and/or business relevant research questions and provide emprical analysis based on up-to-date database and quantitative techniques. High-tech sectors such as information technology and pharmaceutical industry are our focus, and our researc aims to provide international perspectives from US, China and other countries. The followings are our research themes.

Research Themes

  • Economic Analysis of Science Economy and Industry
  • Open Innovation, University Entrepreneurship
  • Eco-system Strategy in AI/Big Data/IoT Era
  • Agglomeration and Globalization of Innovation Places
  • Bibliometric Analysis of Patent Documents/Natural Language Processing

Introduction of Research Topics

About our team

Professor Motohashi is in chage of graduate education (master and phd courses) at the Department of Technology Management for Technology, School of Engineering. He also surpervises research project of bachelor students at the Department of Systems Innovation, Faculty of Engineering. Our team consists of stutents from these departments, as well as research staffs and international visiting students. We have relatively higher ratio of international students and active discussion and interations among our team members with various kinds of background is strongly encouraged.

Photos from daily activities

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